【Amajing dog】 世界の驚きの犬たち

Twitterに投稿された世界の犬たちは凄かった。The dogs in the world posted on Twitter was amazing.

Broken Animals@BrokenAnimaIs

help my dog thinks she is thick pic.twitter.com/0PayFdVPBm

Puppy Lover@PupsPorn

this dog party looks hella turnt pic.twitter.com/mtCGuGcSBn

Life on Earth@planetepics

Dog-man walking a dog pic.twitter.com/OJhMmJSCV4

Dog Posts@shibesbot

This is too cute!! pic.twitter.com/v58WnLcC6N

Adorable Dogs@AdorabIeDog

He is so fluffy. I am crying pic.twitter.com/ReaZqecOgW
Dog: I’m a huge Tigers fan.

Groomer: Say no more, fam. pic.twitter.com/EnF8Fv4bC0

The Dodo@dodo

This dog got a birthday party with cake, toys and a special salad for her lizard brother thedo.do/2w3DFFL pic.twitter.com/TLW6HwM3Vt

Dog Posts@shibesbot

Well it seemed like a nice place to nap.. pic.twitter.com/YUKSUH57gn
This is Bella. She’s had enough for today. Has decided to float the h*ck away. Miscalculated how many balloons it w… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Dog Posts@shibesbot

Now this is the type of class I wouldn’t mind going to pic.twitter.com/VCNnnLmCpo


if ur ever sad look at this dog eating a slice of pizza pic.twitter.com/O8kCE0CXxH

Dog Posts@shibesbot

Those brows though pic.twitter.com/eVu6kkouTL


aye wat kinda dog is dis? Kuz dis nigga high as hell and I need 1 pic.twitter.com/PeOKP6RGR0

Baby Animals@ltsAnimals

Me as a dog owner pic.twitter.com/JK8W1XTnLx

Jody W@Petitmiam75

@dog_rates @Mars_Rover1 This, makes me highly suspicious. Very similar colour temperature and density. What did th… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…